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We are currently offering training leading to Initiation to sincere students. As well as sincerity, a student will need to have a commitment to well-grounded and open-hearted personal ethics. In other words; a commitment to developing
Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

We offer a very complete curriculum of Traditional Wicca, Qabalah, Magic, and Mysticism as well as, of course, as devotion to the Old Gods. If, however, you are focused on obtaining status and power, this is not the path for you.

The Coven is led by Asherah the High Priestess and Apollonius-Mithras the High Priest and there is a degree structure. We meet for the eight Sabbats, thirteen Esbats (Full Moons) and for weekly classes. Because of these commitments, you will need to live in the Montreal area.

There is no fee for the training, although those who can afford it will be asked to make a small monthly donation.

If you are interested in applying, please email us at

Please include your birthdate, time and place of birth (if known) and your personal reasons for applying.

It must be said here that we expect more than just a line or two describing your reasons for wanting to follow this path of study, as what we are looking for in a student is spiritual devotion, maturity, a willingness to learn and to grow no matter what personal challenges this entails, compassion, and enough organization to follow a regular curriculum of study and practice. We are hoping that whatever communication you might send to us would show us some part of yourself and how you might reflect these aspirations as a student of Traditional Wicca.

We are sorry, but we do not accept minors.