Coven Work

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Coven Work

Our Coven meets for the eight seasonal Sabbats and thirteen full moon Esbats as well as weekly classes.

Members are asked to be available to attend all the meetings.

Classes follow a formalized curriculum for pre-first degree, First Degree and for Second and Third Degree. Included in the training are Traditional Wicca, Qabalah, and World Mystery Traditions. As a note, Qabalah is not considered to be an add-on to the Tradition, but appears to derive from ancient Sumerian Goddess worship which is one of the sources of Traditional Wicca. As can be seen, training is designed to make the student ready for initiation into the Three Degrees.

There is no fee for the training, although those who can afford it will be asked to make a small monthly donation. There is no fee for initiation.

It has become popular for modern scholars and for modern occultists to state that Wicca is a revival and not an ancient lineage. We strongly believe that an ancient lineage exists and is embodied in the Traditional Wiccan teachings. Reference to historical indications of a Tradition can be found in the works of Margaret Murray, Gerald Gardner, and Raven Grimassi. Although Murray and Gardners' works have been questioned, we advise anyone who is interested to read their books with an open mind.