Welcome to the home page of the Isis Hathor Coven


Isis Hathor is a Montreal based coven of Traditional Wicca (White Witchcraft) which grew out of a magickal study group which was founded in 2000 but that is based on much older European Traditions. Isis Hathor teaches Wicca as a spiritual mystery system emphasizing compassion, personal development, spiritual realization, and devotion to the Old Gods. In short, those qualities that are embodied in the terms

Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.


On this site you will find a number of articles that discuss a range of subjects pertaining to Traditional Wicca and the practices of this coven. We welcome you to read through and consider them as reflections of higher truths that we have decided to share openly.

The Coven is led by a High Priestess and a High Priest and there is a degree structure. We meet for Sabbats, Esbats (Full Moons) and for weekly classes.


For the Goddess Full Moon
Healing Meditation: